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E3 Flasher


  • Model: DP-P3001
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5kg
  • Status: In Stock

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Product Description
E3 Flasher Dual Boot PS3 E3 Flasher Downgrade PS3 4.30 to 3.55/E3 Flasher Limited Edition

NOTE: Free Fedex/DHL Express shipping (Except some remote areas)
We can pay US$20.97 for free Fedex/DHL shipping. For those places where the shipping cost is higher than US$20.97, you should bear the extra shipping cost. Thanks for your kind understanding.

E3 flasher Update news:
E3 Flasher successfully downgrade ps3 firmware v4.30 to v3.55,released by E3 Team !
The latest E3 CFW4.30 has been released by the E3 Team. The bricking issue has been improved. (2012-10-28)
Here we mention to E3 flasher users that you do not need to solder a wire to use the latest upgrade.bin file to unbrick a console.

E3 Nor Flasher Description:
E3 flasher is a new item released by E3 team, you can use this item to downgrade your V3.73 PS3 to V3.55 and you also can play PSN at any time you want(just use the e3 flasher to do a easy switch job).It is a special device to help you programme NAND and NOR flash data. It is upgradable via a TF/SD card. According to info from official team, this item can support all electronic devices including DVD/BD/PS3/WII/XBOX360/MP3/MP4/Table PC which has Nand or Nor flash memory.

E3 Flasher Features:
Dual boot
3 save MODE
1 KEY backup or restore, simple is best
Compatiable all Nand and Nor flash device
Integrated lots of interface, perfectly extension, will have more function with future new E3 accessory.

E3 Official Site:

You can watch an installation video here: Click Here

You can watch the Official E3DIY Video here: Click Here

PS3 e3 flasher FAQ :
Q1:What’s the E3 flasher Limited ?
The E3 Flasher Limited is an universal programmer for all NOR flash device. It support PS3 slim console better because E3 flasher limited has 16M NOR flash memory , and with NOR FLASH CLIP you no need any solder for downgrade function.

Q2:How about installation for fat and slim ps3 console ?
It is easy install on all nor flash console because of NOR FLASH CLIP included.
you can get installation manufal here.

Q3:How about NAND FLASH console ?
We will release a new version E3 FLASHER specially for NAND FLASH console, you will get downgrade and dual boot function easier with our NAND FLASH CLIP .

Q4: How many Harddisk we need? What function with E3 Esata Station ?
As fact, you no need any extra HD because you can take out ps3 internal HD and put into E3 esata station. It will play like internal HD. Every time if you change FW, you will be required fomat and upgrade.
So if you want get more function like dual boot and fast switch FW function, you need prepare another HD for another FW, just like you will get 3.7HD for 3.7FW, 3.55HD for 3.55FW, all will be regards as internet HD. With E3 esata station, the internal HD size can be MAX to 2.5T, compatiable 2.5&3.5 HD with MAX to 3G speed , and also works 4GB+ game well ,this means no need USB HD anymore .

Q5: If we will get problem with PSN if switch to 3.7 ?
Some guy say there has unique ID inside original PS3 NOR FLASH, so it will get problem if you choose another NOR FLASH memory. We don t think so because you can keep original PS3 NOR FLASH with 3.7OFW, so even you connect to PSN, it will find you are original, change nothing ! Sure you can keep 3.55CFW on E3 NOR FLASH.

Q6: Do we need any software and PC ?
No, you no need install any software, no need any PC to operation. You get all function on E3 FLASHER itsself. just press key on E3 FLASHER COVER BOARD and wait few min or few second.

Q7: If PS3 upgrade to new firmware, does E3 FLASHER works again ?
We can t promise but will do best to work and provide to all free, you shoud trust E3DIY team.

Q8:Which version PS3 can downgrade and dual boot ?
We find all FAT console works , most slim console works even include some new slim console which come with 3.56+ original FW. We find 3000X version console can programme correctly but can t downgrade and dual boot, we will do best to work it out and provide to all free.

How to Update E3 flasher?
There have two ways to update your E3Flasher
1: copy file into kernelboot disk
2: copy file into TF card

E3 Flasher compatibility: E3 flasher currently can support all Slim PS3 models and Nor Fat PS3 models with no soldering.

E3 Flasher specification:
Size: 24.5X14.5X10.5cm
Weight: 1.5kg

E3 Flasher Limited Edition Package:
e3 flasher

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