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Gateway 3DS


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Product Description
Finally, the flash card for 3ds game comes!! Gateway 3ds from gateway team. it still not start selling until gateway releaseed it, Regarding to Gateway-3ds, the following info might be useful to you guys... this card only works on 3DS FW V4.1 ~ V4.5 in current time.

The new system of Gateway(2014-03-30)

new fuctions:
* 100% Game Compatibility
You Can play Pokemon X/Y on your old gateway 3ds flashcard,the only thing you need todo is to update your Gateway 3DS……
* Multigame Support
You can now drag and drop game backups to your MicroSD card and select them from our intuitive on-screen rom menu while in the 3DS home menu.
* Game Card Dumper
You can find an additional icon in the Gateway menu (hold L during boot) that will let you backup any 3DS Game Card to the regular SD card in your 3DS. Dumped files can be copied over to the MicroSD card you use with the Gateway 3DS card to enjoy them!
* Gateway FPGA Update
Updating your Gateway 3DS card is painless and simple. Upon trying to enter Gateway mode on your 3DS you will be prompted to update your card if it is outdated. Simply follow the instructions on screen and you’ll be ready to enjoy the “OMEGA” revolution in mere minutes.
* E-shop games support
Just ENJOY!!!

Integrated menu system
Emu-Nand with up to date compatibility
Back up your own game cartridges
Nand based titles compatibility
Fat32 based drag & drop Multi-Rom
New real time save system

Gateway 3DS Flashcart News:
Gateway 3DS firmware 2.0b2 Public Beta released. --25/12/2013
* Full support for the emulated 3DS firmware 7.1 (including saving and emunand GW3D indicator, etc.)
* Many stability improvements over previous beta release.
Gateway 3DS firmware V2.0b1 public beta officially Released! --01/12/2013

official site:

Here's a little FAQ for you.

*Is this real?
Short answer: Yes. This is a real product and will really allow you to play 3DS ROMS on your 3DS unit.

*How does this work?
It's a tiny bit more complicated than this, but I'm dumbing it down so that everyone can understand. Basically, this is a shell for an SD card slot which tricks the 3DS into thinking that the SD card is the game cart. By putting the ROM into the SD card, and the SD card into the shell, you've essentially created a 1:1 copy of a retail game; a bootleg.

*What does that mean for the user?
A couple things. The SD card has to be the correct size for the ROM. If you have a 2gb ROM you need a 2gb SD card, and so on. You cannot use a larger card than the ROM you're using, which also means that there's no way to store more than one ROM on the card at a time. Additionally, the save files are stored on the cart shell itself, as the spot for that is standardized. This means that if you change the ROM, the new game will see that information as a corrupted save and delete it. You'll need to back up your save files before switching ROMs, and you may need additional hardware to do so.

*Can it run homebrew?
Nope. This won't allow you to run unsigned code. The cart is set up in such a fashion that you've created a 1:1 copy of a retail cart. That is, it's signed by Nintendo already, and that's why you can run it.

*Can it get around region blocking?
Nope. For the same reason listed above, you'll still need to use the correct region's ROM for your hardware, and won't be able to play any ROMS of games that haven't been released in your hardware's region. You also can't modify the ROMs without stripping the Nintendo signature and thus making this method no longer work.

*But since the 3DS can't tell the difference between this and a real cart, it means Nintendo can't block it with an update, right?
No. Nintendo can and will block this device. Currently, the 3DS can't tell the difference. However, it's just not being instructed to check the right things. There's plenty Nintendo can do to identify this device. For only one example, they can check the read speed of the cart and see that it isn't the same as an official card.

Worse, since ROMs can't be modified, Nintendo also can and will simply include the update on future game carts, making it impossible to play those games with the device since doing so would force an update that made it no longer function.

*So what will I need in order to use this to full effect?
You'll need:
1) The device itself
2) One MicroSD card to standard SD card adaptor for your computer, or a USB card reader device with a MicroSD card slot.
3) One MicroSD card of every standard 3DS ROM size - 512mb, 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB
4) A method of getting save data off the cart, storing it for later, and putting it back on the cart (an R4i save dongle, for instance).

*Will this open any doors for better versions in the future?
Nope. Again, because it's running 1:1 copies, and can't run any modified or unsigned code, it won't be leading to better technology on its own. It will, however, serve to motivate those that are currently working to crack that nut in two ways: First, because someone is out there getting a piece of the pie already and potentially eating their sales, and second because people will be unhappy with the complicated way this one works and demand for a proper system will increase.

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