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PS3 JB-King USB Dongle


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Product Description

JB King is also called PS3 JB-King , it is a new jailbreak tool for Playstation 3 console. As a USB dongle made by JB-King PS3 JB-King Dongle v3.55 Dongle Playing v3.60+ PS3 Games.Unlock the true potential of your PS3 with JB-King Dongle- keep your PS3 on a homebrew enabled custom firmware, while at the same time enjoying the latest and most popular PS3 games.PS3 JB-King USB Dongle-Playing V3.6+ game from external hdd.

JB-King Features:

• Booting of games from v3.6+ (up to v3.73) from special BD-R discs available from official resellers

• Runs games up to v3.56 from HDD in conjunction with 'backup managers'

• Does not require the Power/Eject trick

• Custom v3.55 Dongle firmware behaves like OFW when 'JB-King' is not inserted

• Manufactured from highest grade components and Actel based

• Durable and high quality metal case design

• Tough and durable plastic packaging

• Further features to be added as they are developed

• Supports Fat and Slim consoles currently running any firmware up to v3.55

• And any PS3 which can be downgraded from v3.6+ to v3.55 (NOTE: Requires other tools, 'JB-King' currently can't downgrade a Console)

• Supports all regions of consoles

• Supports all regions of ISO's to be released

• Rock solid crystal oscillator on board for flawless timing

• The 'JB-King' dongle allows booting of the latest the ISO's (3.6+) from special BD-R discs which can be purchased from all official resellers.

• The discs can be burned by any BD-R recorder and there are no special requirements on either PC or BD burner types.

Where to buy JB-King Dongle for PS3?

Buy Ps3 jb king dongle from jbking official with free shipping .

PS3 JB-King Installation Guide

Step 1:

Make sure your PS3 is in V3.55 system, either OFW (official firmware) or CFW (official firmware). Which means if your PS3 is lower than V3.55, just update it to V3.55! If your PS3 is higher than V3.55, sorry, you cannot use this item. Please use E3 flasher to downgrade your PS3 to V3.55 first.

Step 2:

When your PS3 is in V3.55, you need to install the PS3 JB-King V3.55 CFW. Here is the method on how to install PS3 JB-King V3.55 CFW. The update method is just the same as update the official firmware via USB storage.

• Download the PS3 JB-King V3.55 CFW

• Extract the file, you will get "JB king-3.55-CFW" folder, you can see "PS3UPDAT.PUP" inside.

• Prepare a USB storage, create a folder named "PS3"in the root of your USB storage, then create another folder named "UPDATE" in the "PS3" folder, in the end put the "PS3UPDAT.PUP" in the "UPDATE" folder. So it is: USB storage----PS3----UPDATE----PS3UPDAT.PUP

• Insert your USB storage into your PS3 USB interface and power on your PS3.

• Move to the system update option and choose update via USB storage.

• Choose the PS3UPDAT.PUP and start updating, go and drink a beer, wait until it finishes updating. Don't do anything during the update progress.

• Your PS3 will be in PS3 JB-King V3.55 CFW after the installation.

Step 3:

Update your PS3 JB-King to the latest version V2.3.

• Download the JB-King PS3 Update v2.3

• Extract the file you will get "JB-King Update-2.3.pkg"

• Put the "JB-King Update-2.3.pkg" file in your USB storage.

• Insert the USB storage into your PS3 and then install the pkg file in your PS3.

• After you finish the installation, you will see the "True blue Update V2.3"

• Click the "True blue Update V2.3" it will ask you to insert your PS3 JB-King. Then insert your PS3 JB-King.

• Go on the update process to finish the update.

After this step, you have installed the PS3 JB-King successfully. Let's go and start playing a game. I will take "FEAR 3" as an example.

Notice: You need to replace the PS3 JB-King eboot for the V3.60+ games before you play the games.

It means you need to download the both FEAR 3 game file and also F.E.A.R.3_EBOOT_PATCH_TB_ PS3-PARADOX if you don't do this step, the screen will freeze and change black. ok I have downloaded those files and also have patched it, let's go.

• Before you power on the PS3, just insert the PS3 JB-King and your game HDD.

• Login Multiman and find the FEAR3

• Press X to login the game

• It will take you back to XMB

• Go to "app home/PS3_GAME/" and click it to play FEAR3

• Done, congratulations!

PS3 JB King Dongle Faq:

Q:Will more new cracked games release later?

A: Our JB-King Team has mastered the core cracking technology, and has the ability to crack games by ourselves. We will regularly renew the cracked games eboot files, please pay your attention to our official website for details. Just rest assured to buy and use our JB-King.

Q: How do I use JB-King to play a purchased PS3 game that requires 3.6+ PS3 firmware?

A: JB-King does not support directly playing original game discs requiring 3.6+ on lower firmware versions. In order to play such recent games on your jailbroken 3.55 CFW PS3 you must first dump your original game disc to HDD using one of the many supported PS3 backup managers such as Multiman. Once you have dumped the game, you must obtain and install a "JB-King patch" corresponding to said game from the internet. This procedure effectively creates a copy of your game on a HDD, modified to function on your 3.55 CFW PS3 in conjunction with JB-King. For full details, please refer to the JB-King Users Guide on the download page.

Q: Where can I obtain JB-King patch files?

A: Unfortunately we cannot host JB-King patch files on this website, however they are easily obtainable through the search facility provided on the Game Patches page.

Q: What are the requirements for using JB-King?

A: In order to use JB-King, you MUST have a PS3 running firmware v3.55 or lower. If your PS3 is running a firmware version higher than 3.55 then you must first downgrade your PS3 via other means (such as hardware downgrade, please refer elsewhere for further information).

Q: What is the general procedure for getting 3.6+ games running on a 3.55 CFW PS3 with JB-King?

A: The procedure is as follows:

1) Download and install the JB-King 3.55 CFW (custom firmware) on your PS3. The JB-King CFW is required in order to allow the JB-King dongle to function with your PS3

2) Obtain dumps of your 3.6+ PS3 games using PS3 backup managers or other methods

3) Obtain JB-King game patches corresponding to the game dumps you have, and install these patches over the top of your game dumps. The patched game dumps should be stored either on your PS3´s internal HDD or an external USB HDD

4) Insert the JB-King dongle into your PS3 and turn on the console. Once the PS3 has finished booting, you may then launch your favourite backup manager (such as Multiman) and from there select your JB-King patched games

Q: There is no JB-King patch available for my favourite game XYZ, can I still play it with JB-King?

A: Unfortunately, you will need to wait until a JB-King patch is available. The JB-King team monitors various web forums, so if there is a title you want to play then make a post on a PS3 related forum requesting the game. We will most likely see your post and do our best to release a patch as soon as possible.

Here is the games list that support by JB-KING expect 9 and 11, they'll release more shortly.

1. x men destiny

2. pes 2012

3. fifa 12

4. sniper ghost warrior

5. driver san Fransisco

6. marvel superhero squad

7. batman arkham asylum

8. marvel vs capcom 3

9. winning eleven 2011

10.warrior legends of troy of duty modern warfare 2


13.nfs shift 2

14.assassins creed 2

15.princes of persia the forgotten sands

16.grand turismo 5

17.medal of honour

18.nfs hotpersuit

19.naruto strom 2

20.resident evil 5 gold edition

21.little big planet 2


23.dynasty warrior 7

24.gta 4 liberty city

25.uncharted 2

26.tekken 6

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