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PS3 Slim Cooling Fan

  • Model: DP-P3012
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Product Description

PS3 Slim Cooling Fan

This product is suitable for PS3 Slim console, the use of high-speed motor with a noise elimination fan, in addition to have good heat dissipation, but also with quiet, no noise characteristics.
Fan with temperature sensor control switch, no manual operation, the use of more intelligent.
Share the same with the PS3 console interface on the electricity supply, no separate power supply is more convenient to use.

User Manual:
1. Use the fan only after the console connected to the PS3 heatsink and fan can be clamped.
2. When the PS3 console temperature rises, the fan will automatically run after the home and began to console heat.
3. When the PS3 console temperature drops, the rear fan will automatically stop running.
4. To clean the fan or the fan when not in use, simply remove the fan from the console can be.

1. You regularly clean the fan vents.
2. Please do not disassemble or modify the product to avoid damage to equipment.
3. Please do not use chemical solvents to clean this product.
4. Please do not put the place in damp or high temperature storage.
5. The proper use and proper maintenance of this product may extend its service life.

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