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Sharp LCD with backlight for PSP3000

  • Model: DP-PSP3005
  • Status: In Stock

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If you have damaged the screen on your PSP 3000 and can see dark or bright white patches on the LCD screen when turning on the unit. This is the replacement PSP screen part needed to restore your PlayStation Portable 3000 to perfect working order.

Suitable for repairing the following screen display faults, dead or lazy pixels, washed out colours, cracked LCD screen.

  • 100% Brand New Item
  • Sharp Replacement TFT Screen with Backlight for SONY PSP-1000 Series
  • Total Solution for Scratched,Cracked screen or screen with Dead pixels
  • All in One Replacement Module, rermoving backlight panel is not required
  • All screens have been Tested and are 100% working
  • Not Compatible with PSP-2000 Series / PSP Slim
  • Sharp TFT LCD PSP + BackLight - Click Image to Close

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