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Wii U Silicone Back Case Cover


  • Model: DP-WU007
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Product Description
Wii U Silicone Back Case Cover
The Wii U Silicone Back Case Cover is made of high quality silicone. It can protect your console from dusts, fingerprints or scratches. You may feel comfortable when you hold you Wii U with the soft silicone back case cover on it. Every buttons can be accessed with it.

Specially designed for Nintendo Wii U
Fit THE Wii U perfectly
Made of high quality silicone
Protect your Wii U against dusts, fingerprints, or scratches
Convenient to use the console with it

Colors: Black, White, Pink, Blue, Red, Green, Orange
Package Includes: 1pc x Wii U Silicone Back Case Cover

Note: Please make a note which color you would like when you pay for the item or email us. If you do not make any note for your require, we will send it according to our stock.

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