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Xecuter CoolRunner for xbox360


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Product Description
The Xecuter CoolRunner Rev C is the latest instalment in the line of CoolRunner RGH boards from team Xecuter, for those that don’t know what RGH stands for its short for Reset Glitch Hack which was developed in 2011 and opened the doors to being able to JTAG pretty much all Xbox 360 consoles except the old Xenon and the latest Corona boards. The Rev C has changed quite a bit from the Rev A & Rev B versions, the first and biggest change is of course the chips are now setup for full RGH 2.0 which a lot of people including us here at ModSupplier.Com are excited about, the biggest feature of RGH 2.0 is that for most of the Phat consoles that updated to dashboard 14719 the only way to glitch these consoles after being updated is by using the RGH 2.0 method. Thanks to the new design of the Xecuter CoolRunner Rev C it’s now possible to glitch hack those consoles that could no longer be done after updating to 14719 by using the RGH 2.0 method that this latest Rev C brings to the table.

Apart from the Xecuter CoolRunner Rev C now having RGH 2.0 support there have been some other changes to the design of the chips as well. They have once again improved upon the overall design of the PCB and circuit to better once again boot times, this of course will be very much welcomed as apart from having support for RGH 2.0 the next most important thing after console model support is stable and quick boot times for the console models that are supported. They have also added an Enable / Disable function to the boards which is said to be used in conjunction with the Demon, at the time of writing this we aren’t 100% sure what this will be used for when being used in this combo, but when we do we will update this page. For the Jasper consoles they still have the 100nF Cap on board which can be enabled or disabled by simply bridging the jumper on the PCB, this is the same as it was on the Rev B and made it into the design for the Rev C.

In regards to using these latest Xecuter CoolRunner Rev C boards for RGH or RGH 2.0 it seems to look like they can be used for both methods, there is now an addition of an Enable / Disable for the onboard C15 Cap & a 10 Ohm resistor has been added to the board design which is required on the CPU_RST line for RGH 2.0 to function which also has the ability to enable or disable. So if you want to install using RGH you would have the C15 set to Enable and the 10 Ohm resistor set to Disable. To install using the RGH 2.0 method you would have the C15 Cap set to disable and the 10 Ohm resistor set to Enable. Once the official install guides go up on the Xecuter website this will be confirmed for sure, but understanding what modifications needed to be made to the older CoolRunners to make them work for RGH 2.0 this seems to make sense.

Something else added to the Xecuter CoolRunner Rev C is they are now shipping with a high quality 1ft 50Ohm low loss double shielded cable for the CPU_RST line. We take it Xecuter must have done some in-house testing on which cable types would give the best possible results with booting times and must have found really good results with these cables to now include them as part of the Xecuter CoolRunner Rev C package. As most know that have done plenty of installs on the Slims getting stable and decent booting times could be a little bit of a pain, the addition of this double shielded cable for the CPU_RST line will be very much welcomed if it’s able to assist in making those booting times more consistent and faster overall. From the chatter online it seems these latest versions when being used in RGH 2.0 mode will also give better booting times on the Phat consoles as well.

Something else very exciting is by the looks of it the Xecuter Fusion kernel that was announced a short while ago and at the time of writing this is in beta testing is going to be compatible with the Xecuter CoolRunner Rev C using the RGH 2.0 method. We here at ModSupplier.Com are extremely excited about the Xecuter Fusion kernel as it’s going to open the doors to so many possibilities on the Xbox 360 and the feature list of this unique custom kernel for the Xbox 360 Fat & Slim is nothing short of amazing. If you haven’t heard about Xecuter Fusion just yet do yourself a favour and do some Goggling, it’s for sure going to be the next big thing for 360 users that want to blast the doors open on their Xbox 360 to some huge possibilities as the homebrew / dev community embraces not only RGH 2.0 but the Fusion kernel itself

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